Creating Pages in Orchard CMS

Welcome to Orchard Beginner! Every Content Management System has features like Pages, Blogs and Blog Posts. In this post we'll be talking about how to create Pages in Orchard. Let's get started.

There are two ways for creating Pages in Orchard.

  1. Open the New option and Click Page
  2. Click on Content -> Create New Content -> Page

Next fill in all the Page details like Title, Body , Tags, Show on a Menu. The Permalink is auto generated using the pattern of the Page Title.

Check the "Show on a Menu" CheckBox to show the Page on the Front End Menu and also give a Menu Text for the same. And then click Save. Clicking the Save button just creates a draft for the Page and doesn't publish the Page until the user clicks on the Publish button.

Happy Orcharding!


  • Feat Apps said Reply

    Can you explain me how to hide the "Page Title" in the Homepage

    • Abhishek Luv said Reply


      You can change or hide the Title for any Page by creating a new shape in your Current Orchard Theme i.e. .cshtml file. The Name of the shape will be as follows :

      Parts.Title-12 i.e. Parts.Title-id-of-the-home-page or id-of-any-page

      Abhishek Luv

    • Abhishek Luv said Reply

      I hope the above solution worked for you.


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