Custom Forms in Orchard

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Welcome to Orchard Beginner! Custom Forms feature in Orchard allows us to create custom forms like contact forms or content contributions. The Orchard.CustomForms Module/Feature is disabled by default and has dependencies on other modules like Contents, Orchard.Tokens, Orchard.Workflows.

1. Enabling Orchard.CustomForms Module

Before creating a Custom Form we need to create a new Content Type called Student Form with 4 Fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Comment

Now we can create a new Custom Form using the Student Form Content Type

2. Click Add a new Custom Form

3. Select Student Form as the Content Type

4. Check the Checkbox for Save the content item once the form is submitted and Specify a custom message when the form is submitted

5. Student Form

6. Anonymous Users don't have permissions to submit any form or custom form. Check the Checkbox Allow for Submit Student Form forms. This will allow Anonymous users to submit the Student Form.

7. Form Submitted

8. Accessing Form Submissions

9. List of Form Submissions for Student Form Content Type

Happy Orcharding!


  • Kevin said Reply

    What if you had a list of courses and want the student to register for a specific course.

    • Abhishek Luv said Reply

      Thanks for your comment Kevin.

      Try using Dynamic forms instead of custom forms.

      I will be uploading tutorials on dynamic forms very soon.


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