Download Orchard v.1.8.2 and v.1.9

Download Orchard v.1.8.2 and v.1.9.

Before upgrading your website to v.1.8.2 and v.1.9 please read the release notes at the below given URL.

Orchard v.1.8.2 Release Notes

Download Orchard v.1.8.2

Orchard v.1.9 Release Notes

Download Orchard v.1.9


  • Abhishek Luv said Reply

    Thanks for your comment. That's really great.

    Head over to our Udemy courses. The absolute beginner and the orchard recipes course is free.

    You can use the coupon code "YTThemes" and "YTWorkflows" to get 75% discount.

    Happy Learning

  • Monu said Reply

    When are you releasing the Orchard v.1.9 course?

    • Abhishek Luv said Reply

      Orchard Beginner YouTube channel is live.

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