New User Registration in Orchard

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Welcome to Orchard Beginner! Orchard.Users module provides user and role management features in Orchard. Orchard.Users module allows you to create new users and assign roles directly from the Admin UI as well as allow site visitors to register from the front-end of the website.

In order to enable site visitors to register on your Orchard website , the User settings have to be changed.

1. Open the settings tab and Click Users

2. Check the check box for Users can create new accounts on the site and in order to enable other options , Orchard.Users module has a dependency on the Orchard.EmailMessaging module

3. Enabling Orchard.EmailMessaging Module

4. Setting up SMTP Details

5. Updating Users Settings

6. Browsing to http://localhost:1202/Users/Account/Register

7. Filling in the details for User Registration

8. As the option Users must be approved before they can log in is checked. Every user registration will go in the pending state.

9. Site Administrator can go to the Users List and moderate the newly registered user accordingly i.e. Approve/Disable.

Happy Orcharding!

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