Orchard CMS Recipes Online Course

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Orchard Recipes Online Course(FREE Course)

Did you know how Recipes in Orchard can make Creating, Managing and Maintaining your websites created using Orchard easier, simpler and quicker too.

Welcome to this course on "Recipes in Orchard CMS".

Do you know that you can create websites using Orchard on a Production Server within a few minutes using Recipes.

Orchard simplifies the process of setting up a new website by letting you use website recipes. A recipe is an XML file that contains the startup configuration for an Orchard website. When you start Orchard for the first time, you can select a recipe that best matches the type of site you want to set up.

For example, if you want your website to be a blog, you can select the Blog recipe, and much of the configuration work will be done for you.

You can create your own recipes and customize the process of setting a website and configuring Orchard features. Recipes can also instruct Orchard to download and install modules and themes from the Orchard Gallery during website setup.

This course describes

  • How to use recipes
  • How to create custom recipes
  • Export or Import Recipes and
  • How to create a new website using a Custom Recipe.

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